Tut’s Egyptian Eatery Launch (Case Study)

In Egypt, everything seems larger than life; the soaring pyramids, the magnificent temples, the labyrinth shopping souks and the rich history, culture and heritage that leave visitors awestruck. Egypt is not all about its historic treasures though. Egyptian cuisine, which dates back centuries, is until today served up by mothers for their families and by street food vendors providing great taste, textures, aroma and unforgettable flavour

Tut’s, an Egyptian eatery,launched its first outlet in Malaysia and impact FORCE successfully brought the idea of the launch to live.

At the launch, members of the media and guests were presented delightful Egyptian delicacies while international celebrity chef, Chef Anis Nabilah showcased flavours and techniques in a food demonstration. Overall, the event was gazed as a unique and impressive experience for guests who were treated to Egypt’s finest flavours.